Mig - "My Image Gallery"

Mig is a photo album / image gallery management system. It is written in PHP and requires nothing but PHP to operate. Any version of PHP4 and PHP5 will work. PHP3 users will need to have at least version 3.0.9.

Utilities are included to do things like thumbnail creation, extraction of EXIF headers from JPEG files and so forth. Those tools require Perl and (for thumbnail generation) ImageMagick. You do not need Perl or ImageMagick to use Mig itself.

NOTE: to avoid confusion, let me clarify. To use Mig itself, the gallery program, you need only PHP and a web server. To use mkGallery.pl, the thumbnail program, you need Perl and ImageMagick. Mig is not capable of making thumbnails. You need to use mkGallery.pl, or something else, to make thumbnails. Some people use Photoshop, some use other things. Mig Buddy (see below) can also create thumbnails for you.


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Copyright / License

Mig is released under a BSD-Style License since 1.4.1 (was GPL before) and can be used free of charge.
(Daniel Lowe is no longer actively maintaining Mig; he was the original author. Boris Wachtmeister is the current maintainer.)