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Version 1.7.0

Hello Users,

this is (mainly) a maintenance-update for Mig containing some bug fixes and
changes under the hood. But additionally this release has two changes that
might require manual changes on your side - most likely it won't.

* The default encoding changed from ASCII to UTF-8, see changelog for details
* The previously bundled helper scripts (mig-contrib) are not part of the
  release anymore, instead you can find them in a separate git repo. [1]

Additionally there is a feature ($migOpenBasedir) that is disabled by default for
existing installations, but enabled in the example configuration and will become
enabled by default in a future release. I encourage you to enable this feature and
give feedback if you run into problems.

Please refer to the changelog below for all other changes and more details.

Happy updating... :-)

[1] https://github.com/Boris-de/mig-contrib

Github: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig
Source: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig/releases/tag/v1.7.0

   Important notes
    The default encoding in $httpContentType changed from "us-ascii" to
    "UTF-8". As ASCII is a subset of UTF-8 this should not be a problem for
    a default setup, but together with the introduction of the $migCharset
    config option it can make a difference if you have used $httpContentType
    to configure a charset that is neither ASCII nor UTF-8. If that's the
    case you MUST set $migCharset according to your $httpContentType
    setting. If not, it is still advised to double check those settings.

    General note: This release adds some new features that may be disabled
    by default, but are enabled in the default "config.php". Unless you
    overwrite your "config.php" with every release nothing should change for
    you, but if you do, please double-check the new options and set them
    according to your needs.

   Notable changes
    Mig now has support for PHP's open_basedir configuration. It's off by
    default, but enabled in the bundled "config.php". If you want to enable
    this feature, check the $migOpenBasedir (and potentially
    $migOpenBasedirExtraDirs) options in that file. This will be enabled by
    default in a future release. I highly encourage you to enable this and
    provide feedback if it does not work for you. Thanks :)

    The encoding in the $httpContentType setting of the default "config.php"
    changed from "us-ascii" to "UTF-8". See notes above.

    There is a new option $migCharset to specify the charset/encoding that
    should be used by Mig. The default for this setting is "UTF-8", see
    notes above.

    The contrib folder was moved to a separate repository and can now be
    found at <https://github.com/Boris-de/mig-contrib>

    The mkGallery.pl script was moved from the main bundle to the contrib

    The unused buildRSS function was removed from the source code.

    You can now use $albumRoot in the config to use a name different from
    "albums" for the folder where your pictures are, the default will of
    course still be "/albums".

    This release fixes a bug with folders and filenames that have special
    characters which have their own entity in HTML. Previously those did not
    work because the encoded foldername or filename was used to read the
    data (thanks to Witold for the report)

    In some conditions random thumbnails would be generated by the
    $useRealRandThumbs method instead of the default "take the first item in
    a folder"-algorithm. Now $useRealRandThumbs is taken into account in
    these cases too.

   Other changes
    Fixed some E_NOTICEs and added psalm static code checks to the build