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Version 1.5.4

Hello Users,

this is a maintenance-update for Mig which includes a few bugfixes and a
small new feature that allows you to define the media type extensions yourself.
Please refer to the changelog below for details.

Happy updating... :-)

Source: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig/releases/tag/v1.5.4


    The file-size calculation did not work properly for non-images (audio
    and video), the text would always be " bytes" in these cases

    The config option $suppressImageInfo did not work anymore since 1.4.0.
    This is fixed now. Please note that this option is deprecated anyway and
    can easily be replaced with $fileInfoFormatString. The documentation for
    that is now fixed too in config.php.

    Reading image descriptions from files per image did not work anymore,
    apparently since 1.4.0 too. This is fixed now.

    Use the same values in the defaults.php that are used in config.php for
    $imageFilenameRegexpr and $currDirNameRegexpr. This also fixes an error
    with PHP 5.6 installations which choke on the default regex because of
    their use of an unescaped hyphen in the middle of the expression, which
    was accepted in previous versions.

    Fix unescaped closing brackets in regular expressions for exif.inf
    parsing. This bug caused PHP 5.6 and above to generate errors while
    parsing the exif data.

    Changed file-type detection to use the new config options
    $image_extensions, $video_extensions and $audio_extensions. You can use
    these options to add currently unhandled or new file formats.

    Fixed some code-style issues