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Version 1.6.0

Hello Users,

this is (mainly) a maintenance-update for Mig containing some bug fixes and
changes under the hood. But additionally this release has two incompatible

* it will remove the integration into portals (phpnuke, etc.) that have been
  untested for about 15 years. Please see changelog for details.
* it will also disable the insecure password feature. If you are using this
  feature at the moment Mig will abort requests for password protected pages
  and show an error instead. Please update to a secure authentication method
  and then disable the feature.

This release also fixes a problem with the upcoming PHP 8.0, so you will need
either this release or patch manually to be able to run Mig with PHP 8.0.

Please refer to the changelog below for all other changes.

And one last note: Since we switched to git at work some time ago, I decided
to switch Mig from mercurial to git. The code can now be found on github, where
at least the release tags should be signed by my GPG key.

Happy updating... :-)

Github: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig
Source: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig/releases/tag/v1.6.0
Patch for PHP8: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig/commit/2948b76bc43c1133c2ef830178642f076df12caf

Important changes
    Support for passwords was removed. This feature was not secure, as it
    was only working for PHP files, not for the actual image files - it was
    always advertised as insecure. The implementation was changed to return
    an error if password protection was used for a directory. This way the
    access will just stop working instead of opening access completely after
    an update. You could use Authentication from your webserver to replace
    this feature.

    Support for embedding into portals was removed. This feature hasn't been
    tested in over 15 years, some of the portals seemed to discontinued. If
    you are using mig in one of the portals that still get updated, please
    let me know and we can try to work something out.

    The old sources of jhead were removed from the distribution. If you want
    to use jhead you can easily get a newer version of jhead in the
    distribution of your choice or the latest sourcecode from

    Fixed error in PHP 8 compatibility (due to removal of the
    get_magic_quotes_gpc function)

    Fixed errors in EXIF handling

    Fixed edge-cases in buildNextPrevLinks()

    Fixed "commentfileperimage" not working for normal images (it worked on
    the "large" image page).

   Other changes
    Added lots of unit tests and fixed many warnings (undefined variables,
    etc.). Not the most elaborate kind of tests, but they have good coverage
    and make it really easy to test with different PHP versions and make
    sure most features work. Given that there probably won't be many big
    refactorings in Mig, it's not too bad to have them coupled this closely

    Use docker/podman to run unit tests on all supported PHP versions (and
    some older versions as well)

    Use foreach instead of deprecated while (... each()) constructs

    Get rid of relying on internal array pointers

    Switched to git instead of mercurial. As we are now using git at work as
    well there was no benefit in staying on the better SCM ;)

    Code is now hosted on github (https://github.com/Boris-de/mig) to avoid
    having to setup a self-hosted git. Github actions are used to run the
    test with several PHP versions as well.