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Version 1.7.2

Hello Users,

this is a maintenance-update for Mig only containing mainly a bugfix for
an endless loop in parsing the exif.inf files that was introduced in 1.7.0.

Please refer to the changelog below for all other changes and more details.

Happy updating... :-)


Github: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig
Source: https://github.com/Boris-de/mig/releases/tag/v1.7.2


   Notable changes

    Fixed endless loop when reading from an exif.inf file that starts
    with an empty line. This bug was introduced in Version 1.7.0.
    A special thanks to Roland Dieterich <dieterich at mpipz.mpg.de>
    for reporting and fixing this bug!

   Other changes

    Fixed warnings reported by psalm and phpstorm and replaced
    outdated constructs.