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Version 1.5.1

Hello Users,

with PHP 5.3 being out a few months and my provider rolling it out soon, I 
noticed that Mig 1.5.1 was not compatible with the new production settings. 
The reason is that "short_open_tag" now defaults to "Off" in the production 
configuration [1]. If you are allowed to change your PHP configuration, you 
may change this to avoid to problem. But as this may not always be possible 
the new version of Mig fixes the issue.

Even if your are not switching to PHP 5.3 soon, please keep this in mind or it 
may strike you when you switch in the far future.
If you don't want to upgrade to Mig 1.5.1 for any reason I attached patches 
against the last two versions of Mig that only fix the short_open_tag-issue.
I am sorry for any awkwardness this may cause to you!

Additionally there are some minor bug-fixes in this release that piled up (see 
changelog below).
I also gave the icons an overhaul, they are now modern PNG files from the 
Tango Project (see changelog for details and how to turn them off).

Happy updating... :-)

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=537099#13


* https://mig.wcht.de/downloads/mig-1.5.1/mig-1.5.1.tar.gz


  made httpContentType available for templates, so that meta and http do
  not differ anymore (Boris)

  fixed HTML-markup in default templates, <link> and <meta> do not have an
  end-tag (Boris)

  more liberal $imageFilenameRegexpr and $currDirNameRegexpr, which made
  problems with special foreign characters (Boris)

  made php-tags more portable for PHP 5.3, which has short open tags
  disabled by default (Boris)

  disable warnings for image-files, which aren't images (Boris)

  added logic to find jhead on the PATH (patch send in)

  new PNG images (public domain) taken from http://tango.freedesktop.org/
  Thanks to the people from the Tango Project. The old images (or any
  other) however can still be enabled with the config variables
  $movie_icon, $folder_icon, $music_icon and $nothumb_icon (Boris)

  Switched Source Code Management from CVS to Mercurial. The history of
  the default branch was imported The CVS is still available and I intent
  to integrate the release-patches for users that update their version
  from CVS. But *live*-changes will only happen in Mercurial. Mercurial is
  very easy with simple workflows, just give it a try. (Boris)


Example config.php snipplet for the old icons:

 $movie_icon = 'movie.gif';
 $folder_icon = 'folder.gif';
 $music_icon = 'music.gif';
 $nothumb_icon = 'no_thumb.gif';