This is where I thank people who have contributed things to Mig. I hope I haven't left anyone out, but if I have, please let me know. This list is in reverse chronological order - newer entries are nearer the top (except the first two which are always at the top).

A huge thanks to Rasmus Lerdorf and all of the other fine folks who have worked so hard to make PHP available in the first place. PHP programmers truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

A special note to recognize Matthias Wendel, author of the jhead utility, which is bundled with Mig.

The people from the Tango Project ([ ]) for the nice icons they released into the public domain.

Tamas Buti (buty at for the Hungarian translation.

Martin Vichar Donaj (martinvd at for the Slovenian translation.

Pavel XPJ Jisl (pavel at for the Czech translation.

Dirk Haun (dirk at for patches that enabled Geeklog compatibility.

Steve Strong (s.strong at for patches that became the $useLargeImages feature.

Belle Liu (belle at for the Chinese big5 translation.

Marius Scurtescu (marius at for the Xoops integration patch.

Krzysztof Wojtas (krzysin at for the Polish ISO-8859-2 translation.

Fabio Fioravanti (fioravanti at for an updated Italian translation.

Yannick Massé, for an updated French translation.

H. Fox (mustang at for the patches aimed at improving HTML and XHTML compliance, and for removing a lot of the hard-coded HTML from the PHP code, moving it into the templates where it belonged to begin with.

Masaru Onozawa (masy at for the Japanese (ISO-2022-JP) translation.

Jan Jasinski (jan at for contributing a patch to folderFrame() and for the Estonian translation.

Pawel Dylik (pawel at for contributing a patch which resulted in the pagination of large galleries and the the random thumbnail display in place of the generic folder icon.

Simon Wood (simon at for contributing a patch to parse the MaintAddr keyword in files.

Martin (martvin at for the Polish translation.

Göran Fröjdh (goran at for the code on which the pop-up window feature is based.

JMN (umjumasa at for an update to the Spanish translation.

(erik at for the Dutch translation.

Juro Polak (polak at for the Slovak translation.

Alessandro Poletto (pollok at and Marco Ermini (markoer at for their Italian translations.

Mikkel Mondrup Kristensen (hh00d-mmk at for the Danish translation.

Sebastian Djupsjöbacka (basse at for the Swedish translation.

Dogan Sariguzel (dogan at for the Turkish translation.

Anatoly Ropotov (lynx at for the Russian translations.

Eugen Dedu (dedu at for the Romanian translation.

Jani Mikkonen (jani at, for the Finnish translation.

Joffer aka Christopher Thorjussen (joffer at, for the Norwegian translation.

jérôme ROUER (CCFRANCE.bibli at, for the French translation.

Jon Anhold (jon at, for contributing code which turned into the $suppressImageInfo option.

Jaap Geurts (j.geurts at, for contributing a patch to make do things in a sorted order.

Artem G. Abanov (aga at, for writing the script migPutCommentInFile (available in the mig-contrib package).

Jevin Maltais (jevin at and Brian Palik (bpalik at, for inspiring the #include feature in the template parser.

BUL (burckhard at, for working out the kinks for Mig users who are on a Windows platform, and for the German translation.

Adam Monsen (meonkeys at, for reporting the ".." security hole.

Russ McClay (mcclay at, for finding a strange table format problem where a horizontal line above and to the left side of the table would appear. Fixing this fixed another strange bug where sometimes things weren't centered.

Jeff Lambert (jeffx at, for contributing code to make a PHP-Nuke compatibility mode for people wanting to merge Mig into a PHP-Nuke site [ ]. Jeff also found a number of nagging little bugs in Mig which have been fixed.

Fadel (fadel at, for contributing code which was the basis for the -c option of, and for the Portugese translation.