MIG Change Log

Version 1.7.0 (Sat, 06 Mar 2021)

Important notes

The default encoding in $httpContentType changed from "us-ascii" to "UTF-8". As ASCII is a subset of UTF-8 this should not be a problem for a default setup, but together with the introduction of the $migCharset config option it can make a difference if you have used $httpContentType to configure a charset that is neither ASCII nor UTF-8. If that's the case you MUST set $migCharset according to your $httpContentType setting. If not, it is still advised to double check those settings.

General note: This release adds some new features that may be disabled by default, but are enabled in the default config.php. Unless you overwrite your config.php with every release nothing should change for you, but if you do, please double-check the new options and set them according to your needs.

Notable changes

Mig now has support for PHP's open_basedir configuration. It's off by default, but enabled in the bundled config.php. If you want to enable this feature, check the $migOpenBasedir (and potentially $migOpenBasedirExtraDirs) options in that file. This will be enabled by default in a future release. I highly encourage you to enable this and provide feedback if it does not work for you. Thanks :)

The encoding in the $httpContentType setting of the default config.php changed from "us-ascii" to "UTF-8". See notes above.

There is a new option $migCharset to specify the charset/encoding that should be used by Mig. The default for this setting is "UTF-8", see notes above.

The contrib folder was moved to a separate repository and can now be found at https://github.com/Boris-de/mig-contrib

The mkGallery.pl script was moved from the main bundle to the contrib repo.

The unused buildRSS function was removed from the source code.

You can now use $albumRoot in the config to use a name different from "albums" for the folder where your pictures are, the default will of course still be "/albums".


This release fixes a bug with folders and filenames that have special characters which have their own entity in HTML. Previously those did not work because the encoded foldername or filename was used to read the data (thanks to Witold for the report)

In some conditions random thumbnails would be generated by the $useRealRandThumbs method instead of the default "take the first item in a folder"-algorithm. Now $useRealRandThumbs is taken into account in these cases too.

Other changes

Fixed some E_NOTICEs and added psalm static code checks to the build process.

Version 1.6.0 (Sun, 10 Oct 2020)

Important changes

Support for passwords was removed. This feature was not secure, as it was only working for PHP files, not for the actual image files - it was always advertised as insecure. The implementation was changed to return an error if password protection was used for a directory. This way the access will just stop working instead of opening access completely after an update. You could use Authentication from your webserver to replace this feature.

Support for embedding into portals was removed. This feature hasn't been tested in over 15 years, some of the portals seemed to discontinued. If you are using mig in one of the portals that still get updated, please let me know and we can try to work something out.

The old sources of jhead were removed from the distribution. If you want to use jhead you can easily get a newer version of jhead in the distribution of your choice or the latest sourcecode from https://www.sentex.ca/~mwandel/jhead/


Fixed error in PHP 8 compatibility (due to removal of the get_magic_quotes_gpc function)

Fixed errors in EXIF handling

Fixed edge-cases in buildNextPrevLinks()

Fixed "commentfileperimage" not working for normal images (it worked on the "large" image page).

Other changes

Added lots of unit tests and fixed many warnings (undefined variables, etc.). Not the most elaborate kind of tests, but they have good coverage and make it really easy to test with different PHP versions and make sure most features work. Given that there probably won't be many big refactorings in Mig, it's not too bad to have them coupled this closely ;-)

Use docker/podman to run unit tests on all supported PHP versions (and some older versions as well)

Use foreach instead of deprecated while (... each()) constructs

Get rid of relying on internal array pointers

Switched to git instead of mercurial. As we are now using git at work as well there was no benefit in staying on the better SCM ;)

Code is now hosted on github (https://github.com/Boris-de/mig) to avoid having to setup a self-hosted git. Github actions are used to run the test with several PHP versions as well.

Version 1.5.5 (Sat, 07 Oct 2017)


Fixed detection of end of blocks in mig.cf files

Other changes

Switched all Sourceforge-URLs to the new site

added docker target to Makefile to allow tests with different PHP versions

Release signed with old and new gpg key

Version 1.5.4 (Tue, 29 Dec 2015)


The file-size calculation did not work properly for non-images (audio and video), the text would always be " bytes" in these cases

The config option $suppressImageInfo did not work anymore since 1.4.0. This is fixed now. Please note that this option is deprecated anyway and can easily be replaced with $fileInfoFormatString. The documentation for that is now fixed too in config.php.

Reading image descriptions from files per image did not work anymore, apparently since 1.4.0 too. This is fixed now.

Use the same values in the defaults.php that are used in config.php for $imageFilenameRegexpr and $currDirNameRegexpr. This also fixes an error with PHP 5.6 installations which choke on the default regex because of their use of an unescaped hyphen in the middle of the expression, which was accepted in previous versions.

Fix unescaped closing brackets in regular expressions for exif.inf parsing. This bug caused PHP 5.6 and above to generate errors while parsing the exif data.


Changed file-type detection to use the new config options $image_extensions, $video_extensions and $audio_extensions. You can use these options to add currently unhandled or new file formats.

Fixed some code-style issues

Version 1.5.3 (Thu, 16 May 2013)


When being called on a https-URL like https://example.com mig would redirect to http://example.com:443/index.php... which resulted in an error because the browser would do a plain GET on an https port. This is now fixed, mig will redirect to https://example.com in these cases.

The access to the lang array was incorrect for 'total_images' resulting in this text (e.g.: "Showing images 21-40 of 47 total") not being displayed in the folder-view. This bug was introduced in 1.4.0, so it has been around for some time, which is why this fix is optional in case you thought of this bug as a feature (see below).


A feature has been added to optionally restore the old behavior regarding 'total_images'. If you set $showTotalImagesString = false in your config, the total_images text will not be generated, which is effectivly the same behavior that existed between 1.4.0 and 1.5.2.

Version 1.5.2 (Sat, 06 Aug 2011)


Handle functions that are deprecated in PHP 5.3 so that Mig will still work with PHP 6.0 and not produce E_DEPRECATED on PHP 5.3 (Boris)

A bit of refactoring "under the hood" (Boris)


Releases and release-tags in the SCM will now be signed with GPG. You can find the current key at https://mig.wcht.de/downloads/KEYS The fingerprint of the current key is F5A4 0D2C 0DFF 4E5B 4908 198B 4709 198D 7464 C7A7 and it should be signed by cacert.


If you use $pathConvertRegex (which should be very few), you'll have to take care that your regex will work with preg_replace! This should affect very few installations, that have to modify index.php on every update anyway.

Version 1.5.1 (Tue, 24 Nov 2009)


made httpContentType available for templates, so that meta and http do not differ anymore (Boris)

fixed HTML-markup in default templates, <link> and <meta> do not have an end-tag (Boris)

more liberal $imageFilenameRegexpr and $currDirNameRegexpr, which made problems with special foreign characters (Boris)

made php-tags more portable for PHP 5.3, which has short open tags disabled by default (Boris)

disable warnings for image-files, which aren't images (Boris)

added logic to find jhead on the PATH (patch send in)


new PNG images (public domain) taken from http://tango.freedesktop.org/ Thanks to the people from the Tango Project. The old images (or any other) however can still be enabled with the config variables $movie_icon, $folder_icon, $music_icon and $nothumb_icon (Boris)


Switched Source Code Management from CVS to Mercurial. The history of the default branch was imported The CVS is still available and I intent to integrate the release-patches for users that update their version from CVS. But live-changes will only happen in Mercurial. Mercurial is very easy with simple workflows, just give it a try. (Boris)

Version 1.5.0 (Mon, 15 Aug 2005)


merged fixes from "SecWatch 13/08/2005 - Mig Remote Cross-Site Scripting and Information Disclosure Vulnerabilities", see http://secwatch.org/advisories/secwatch/20050813_Mig.txt (Boris)

introduce $imageFilenameRegexpr and $currDirNameRegexpr for a more secure handling of file- and directorynames (now PHP 3.0.9 is required!) (Boris)


various XHTML-compatiblity-fixes (Boris)

moved the outer table in folder-view from source to template (allows more flexible layouts) (Boris)

moved the table around the description in large- and image-view from source to template (allows more flexible layouts) (Boris)

never show an empty folder list, if startfrom is bigger then the amount of pages (Boris)

If an non-image is viewed with pageType=image or pageType=large, a generic will be displayed and link to the file. (Boris)

added support for user-defined Content-Type with $httpContentType (Boris)

fixed handling of magic_quotes_gpc to solve a bug with inverted commas in file- and foldernames (Boris; bug pointed out by Werner and Samuel)

added new-file types .swf, .flv, .rm, .divx, .wma, .ogg, .flac, .aac, .mpc, .mp+ (Boris)

Version 1.4.1 (Wed, 06 Apr 2005)

[Sourceforge bug report #974964] - Fixed bug in buildDirList() and buildImageList() where an array pointer was not reset after use. (Dan)

Added Hungarian (hu) translation (Dan)

Added Slovenian (si) translation (Dan)

[Sourceforge bug report #930628] - Fixed bug with image popups (Dan)

Fixed bug related to thumbnails and audio/video file types (Dan)

Changed my mind about GNU GPL. Will re-release under BSD license.

Version 1.4.0 (Mon, 01 Mar 2004)

Fixed variable name resolution bug related to markerlabel. Patch courtesy of Mattias Ahnberg. (Dan)

Updated jp (Japanese) translation to UTF-8 provided by Masaru Onozawa (Dan)

Fixed Security-Bug when modifying the image-parameter in the URL. The real filesystem path is no longer shown, mig aborts (Werner)

Added config.php options $prevFormatString and $nextFormatString. Now individual pics or text is possible for the "previous image" and "next image" in the image-view (Werner)

Moved brackets [] from the prev-next-back to thumbnail-view - large image to templates/image.html. If you don't need large images, please edit this file, otherwise some brackets are shown, but no link... (Werner)

Added config.php options $fileInfoFormatString. $suppressImageInfo is not needed any more and will be removed in Version 2.0 (Werner)

Added config.php options $imagePopMaxWidth and $imagePopMaxHeight related to popup windows.

Added support for "large" or full-size images. That is, in addition to thumbnails and normal images, one can specify a directory of full size images (generally speaking this would be the original images from the camera, but they could be any larger image you choose to use). They use the same filename as the normal image but live in the directory specified by $largeSubdir (by default, this is "large"). This entire feature is off by default. To turn it on, set $useLargeImages to TRUE.

Added new template tags to support large images: largeLink, largeHrefStart, largeHrefEnd, largeLinkBorder. See the templates document for more details. These four tags must be present in your image.html or mig_image.php template for large image support to function. Either copy the new image.html over your old one or use it as a guide to modify your custom template.

Added new template files large.html and mig_large.php to support large images. You don't need to use these files if you aren't planning to use large image support, but if you are, copy the appropriate one to your templates directory - large.html for normal users, mig_large.php for users of PHP-Nuke, et al.

Added new config.php options to support large images: $useLargeImages, $largeSubdir, $largeLinkFromMedium, $largeLinkUseBorders. See config.php for more details.

Added new language tags largeview and largelink to each translation to support large images.

Modified mkGallery.pl with regard to EXIF behavior. Now if -n and -e are both used, only files not already cached in exif.inf will be examined for EXIF data. This has no effect if -w is also used, because in that case the exif.inf file is removed before processing takes place, and the cache is therefore empty. Also changed the flags passed to jhead since the existing behavior using -v (verbose) made no sense. It just added extra junk to the cache file that served no useful purpose. Improved the code to find the location of jhead by adding its directory to the execution path temporarily during mkGallery.pl execution.

$pathConvertFlag, $pathConvertRegex and $pathConvertTarget have moved to index.php. This is because they are used to include config.php, so obviously they can't be located inside it.

Fixed bug in getImageDescFromFile() that was not URL-decoding filenames.

Added Geeklog compatibility mode. See config.php and the portals document.

Reversed the order of entries in the credits document - I always felt bad that new entries were at the bottom, since they were less likely to get read, especially as the list got longer. So now the newer entries are near the top and will be more visible (although will still sink down the list over time). I think this is more fair than the other ordering.

Added support for audio and video files. This entailed two new icons: music.gif and movie.gif (found in the images folder).

Added support for the following file extensions classified as "video": MOV, AVI, MPG, MPEG, WMV, MP4

Added support for the following file extensions classified as "audio": MP3, WAV, RA, RAM

Fixed bug in jump tags - they should work again.

Fixed bug in folder counting / image counting which ignored hidden items.

Fixed bug in getRandomThumb() that caused random thumbnail selection to fail when not using thumbnail subdirectories.

Removed stray BR element causing spacing problems in getRandomThumb().

Removed requirement for there to be a config.php file - now if there is no config.php the defaults will be used instead, and Mig will not error out and exit.

Added Czech language set ("cz")

Added list of pages to bottom of image list (was previously only at the top).

Moved most of the variables which don't change except in the main body into the $mig_config array, rather than passing as parameters to functions. Most functions no longer have enormously long parameter lists.

Added a call to stripslashes() to get rid of the extra backslashes found in Windows SMB share paths.

Optimized parts of buildImageURL() which were doing the same string manipulations in either result of an if/else test.

Got rid of a misplaced backslash in buildImageURL(). This may fix a bug where Mig URLs can get embedded quote marks where they don't belong.

Mig can now properly handle redirection on servers running on something other than port 80.

Fixed bug in handling of <Short> blocks.

Fixed bug in Exif format string handling.

Added feature to mkGallery.pl: options can be memorized by putting them in mkGallery.opt. See the utilities documentation.

Version 1.3.8 (Fri, 25 Oct 2002)

If Mig is called with no parameters, it will redirect to itself with currDir=. appended. This makes it easier to tack on more parameters later - no need to worry about the difference between & and ?.

Added newLang to the template parser. This makes it trivial to add links to your templates which switch between languages on the fly. See the install documentation for more details.

Added $omitImageName to config.php. When TRUE it will cause the image name to be omitted from the path line in image views.

[Sourceforge bug report #626032] - Fixed the '..' check for currDir. At some point it had been moved down so far in the code it was no longer effective and Mig went into an endless loop when encountering '/..' in a URL. Now it will properly exit.

Updated to work with PHPWebThings 0.5test7. Tested against PHP-Nuke 6.0, PostNuke, PHPWebSite 0.8.3, PHPWebThings 0.5test7.

Renamed the phpnuke document to portals.

Added integration with Xoops content management system using patches provided by Marius Scurtescu. See the portals document.

Files formerly found in templates/phpnuke will now be in templates/portals.

Added Chinese big5 translation (zh).

Version 1.3.7 (Sat, 19 Oct 2002)

Fixed some table code and default templates - Mig's default layout now passes the W3C HTML 4.01 Transitional validator. The CSS code also passes the validator.

Added mig_dl parameter to URL parser - see the install document for more on this feature. It lets you translate Mig into any language on the fly, regardless of the setting of $mig_language.

Added $folderSortType to config.php. This option, if set, will override the value of $sortType when sorting folders.

Changed mkGallery.pl to strip profiles from thumbnails by default. Profiles add to the file size but are not useful in thumbnails. Testing on a few images I have around showed that old behavior would result in thumbnails averaging 16K (sometimes up to 32K) and now they are all 1.5K or 2K or so. Quite an improvement! People who for some reason want to keep using profiles in their thumbnails can go back to the old behavior by calling mkGallery.pl with the -K flag.

Version 1.3.6 (Mon, 30 Sep 2002)

Updated Danish, Italian and German translations.

Added Polish ISO-8859-2 translation (pliso).

Added <acronym> tag to files/folders counts.

Changed numeric character entities (i.e. &#225;) to alphabetic references (i.e. &aacute;).

Upgraded included jhead distribution to version 1.8.

Added $ignoreDotDirectories option to config.php.

[Sourceforge bug report #589652] - Fixed URL encoding bug in getRandomThumb()

[Sourceforge bug report #591337] - Fixed bug in handling of <Sort> and <Hidden>. Previously if an object was in a <Sort> block, its status as a hidden item would be ignored. Objects marked as hidden are now hidden regardless of how they are sorted.

Removed leading and trailing <STYLE> tags from templates/style.css - since Mig is using <LINK> to refer to the style sheet now it was no longer necessary (and the W3C validator didn't like it). Fixed other minor HTML/CSS bugs.

Modified printTemplate() to recognize SMB shares in Windows when determining whether or not to prepend full path.

[Sourceforge bug report #585312] - Changed getRandomThumb() to actually get a random thumb, instead of just returning the first thumb found. This is optional behavior - those preferring the old way can set $useRealRandThumbs to FALSE. NOTE: this doesn't honor <Hidden> tags - things that are hidden may still show up using $randomFolderThumbs! This is convoluted and I don't plan to fix that bug, so don't use $randomFolderThumbs if you want to use <Hidden> too!

Version 1.3.5 (Sun, 07 Jul 2002)

Fixed bug in config.php - the $pathConvert* variables were incorrectly named as $convertPath* - Doh!

Fixed bug in FolderIcon directive. It had broken at some point and was no longer properly pointing to the images directory for icon files.

Fixed a bug where pre-sorted image lists would break pagination.

Added UseThumb keyword to mig.cf parser.

Applied a series of patches provided by H. Fox which are aimed at improving HTML/XHTML compliance, and moving hard-coded HTML elements out of the PHP code and into either CSS or template files. Some table code cleanup was done as well. The three frame functions are gone and replaced by the buildTable() function. Almost all <font> tags have been removed from the PHP code and replaced with other mechanisms in the templates or CSS. The layout is much cleaner now (IMO), however, anyone upgrading from 1.3.4 or earlier and using the old templates, or their own custom templates based on pre-1.3.5 template files, will not like the changes. I suggest everyone use the new templates, or re-do their customizations based on the new templates and CSS.

Applied updated French translation from Yannick Massé.

Added option $commentFileShortComments to config.php.

Added <Short> tags to mig.cf parser.

Added $showShortOnThumbPage to config.php.

Fixed bug in getNumberOfDirs() where it was not properly handling thumbnail subdirectories.

Version 1.3.4 (Tue, 11 Jun 2002)

Added Estonian and Japanese translations.

Fixed formatting issue in folderFrame() (fix provided by Jan Jasinski).

Changed all occurrences of NULL to empty strings. Apparently NULL was not introduced until PHP4, so using NULL was breaking PHP3 compatibility.

Added number of folders in addition to number of images when $viewFolderCount is TRUE.

Fixed a bug in getImageDescFromFile() where a comment would be incompletely read if the file did not end with a newline character.

Added config.php options $convertPathFlag, $convertPathRegex, and $convertPathTarget for cases where weird include_path munging is required. See near the bottom of config.php.default.

Added new config.php options $imagePopLocationBar, $imagePopMenuBar, and $imagePopToolBar to control various toolbars being visible or hidden in pop-up windows.

Added is_dir() checks before all calls to opendir().

Modified comment behavior when using $commentFilePerImage = TRUE so that if a comment file is not present, the comment from mig.cf will be used (if one is present).

Version 1.3.3 (Mon, 27 May 2002)

Apparently I didn't document it in the changelog, but at some point I added code to printTemplate() to check for drive letters in the pathname to the template file (as opposed to just looking for a leading / character). This change was in the 1.3.2 release and possibly earlier.

Updated Danish translation with patch from Mikkel Kristensen.

Tested Nuke mode with PHPWebSite 0.8.2, works fine with no changes. Updated phpnuke document to reflect this.

Merged patch from Pawel Dylik to implement pagination of large galleries. This resulted in the new config.php option $maxThumbRows, and a new language element total_images found in the language sets. Right now, there's a slight bug in this behavior. If you click an image while on say, page 2, then use the next-image link a bunch of times until you get to an image that would be on page 3, if you then go back to thumbnail view, you end up back on page 2. For now I will let this sit, because fixing it would require rewriting a lot of code for little real benefit.

Added code so the pagination now shows you which images you are viewing (i.e. 21-40 of 49).

Added $randomFolderThumbs to config.php. If TRUE, a random thumbnail from the folder will be used as the icon rather than the generic folder icon (unless a FolderIcon is set in mig.cf - that takes precedence). If a given folder has no thumbs (i.e. it has only other folders inside), Mig will traverse subdirectories until it finds a usable thumbnail. If it can't find one the generic folder icon is used instead. (This was another Pawel patch.)

Added $folderNameLength to config.php. When $randomFolderThumbs is TRUE, folder names are truncated if they are longer than $folderNameLength characters (to help with table formatting). (Another Pawel patch.)

Version 1.3.2 (Tue, 21 May 2002)

Some major changes this release - please pay attention!

Eliminated install.sh - all installs are now done the same way (Windows, unix, FTP, shell prompt, whatever). Eliminated FTPinstall and Windows documents since they are now redundant. New installation procedure is documented in the install document.

PHP-Nuke mode was no longer working, so I fixed it. While I was at it, I added PostNuke and phpWebThings compatibility. See the phpnuke document. Tested with PHP-Nuke 5.5, PostNuke 0.714 and phpWebThings 0.41. Added config variables $phpWebThingsCompatible and $phpWebThingsRoot to config.php for the new phpWebThings mode.

Changed language designation for Danish to "dk" instead of "da" (I don't know what "da" is, but it's not Denmark).

Removed Example Gallery from main distribution. It will be available from this point forward as a separate package on the site. There's no reason for every Mig download to be almost half a meg (the 1.3.2b1 tar.gz I built is under 150K).

Added MaintAddr object to mig.cf parser (thanks to Simon Wood for supplying this code!). This permits you to change the value of $maintAddr on a per-folder basis if desired.

Fixed regex bug that caused the exposure time (from EXIF data) to be incorrectly reported in some circumstances.

General cleanup of documentation.

Modified mkGallery.pl to look for jhead in "." - simplifies the task of finding it.

Entirely restructured the CVS tree. When the smoke cleared, funcs.php and lang.php had vanished (merged into index.php). Mig is just one file now (well, the PHP code is anyway), plus a config file written in PHP.

Eliminated $useVirtual - it was not being used by printTemplate() anymore.

Modified mkGallery.pl to use thumbnail subdirectories by default.

Added -f flag to mkGallery.pl, so one can specify the path to the config.php file if so desired.

Deprecated the $viewCamInfo and $viewDateInfo options. Everything related to EXIF formatting is now controlled by the $exifFormatString variable found in config.php. Information on how to use it can be found in config.php.default.

Version 1.3.1 (Tue, 07 May 2002)

[Sourceforge bug report #467122] - Fixed sorting bug (if $sortType was set to anything other than default, the thumbnails would be sorted, but the images would actually be out of order as far as the next/previous links were concerned. Turns out the sorting had made it into buildImageList() but not buildNextPrevLinks().

[Sourceforge bug report #512980] - Removed two extraneous arguments in a call to printTemplate(). This hadn't caused me any trouble, but if error_reporting was set to include E_NOTICE, errors would be generated.

[Sourceforge feature request #521109] - Now when invoked with -c, mkGallery will also add a <Bulletin> tag to mig.cf. In interactive mode it will ask the user for the bulletin text, otherwise it will just create an empty bulletin.

[Sourceforge feature request #521032] - Added new config variable $commentFilePerImage (default FALSE). When set to TRUE, Mig looks for comments in a separate file for each image rather than looking for all comments in mig.cf. For example if you have IMG_4900.JPG, Mig would look at IMG_4900.txt for the comment. Unlike mig.cf, a comment in one of these files does not need to be enclosed in a <Comment> block. The entire file is used as the comment. Mig will strip newlines and tabs out. When $commentFilePerImage is FALSE, normal processing of comments using the mig.cf file happens.

Changed filename of configuration file from mig.cfg to config.php. This is simply to avoid having people rummaging through your config with their web browser. The install script will attempt to handle this gracefully for you, or you can just rename files yourself.

Changed default value of $useThumbSubdir to TRUE. Changed example gallery to match.

Upgraded jhead to version 1.6.

Version 1.3.0 (Tue, 23 Apr 2002)

Added <TITLE> tags in thumbnail views so when hovering over a thumbnail, you get the comment whether using Mozilla/Gecko/Netscape or Internet Explorer. $suppressAltTags will also suppress the <TITLE> tags.

Added Polish translation.

Replaced Italian translation with cleaner one from Marco Ermini.

Added date/time stamp parsing to getExifDescription(). This can be activated by setting $viewDateInfo to TRUE in mig.cfg. (It is FALSE by default).

Changed getExifDescription() formatting slightly. Changed f-stop display to omit any '/' if present.

Version 1.2.9 (Thu, 16 Aug 2001)

Added $imagePopup and $imagePopType to mig.cfg.default. Using these one can have pop-up windows enabled. See docs/INSTALL.

[Sourceforge bug report #441188] - Fixed a bug in the handling of $viewFolderCount. Previously, if a folder was mentioned in a <sort> block, it would be ignored when $viewFolderCount was evaluated. Now $viewFolderCount is properly applied to all folders that contain images, whether they are sorted or not.

[Sourceforge bug report #442760] - Fixed a bug in getExifDescription(). The string flash used was hard-coded rather than being included in the language library.

Upgraded to most recent revision of jhead to get ISO rating support.

Added ISO rating to EXIF info parser.

Fixed bug in ALT tag (there was no space before the SRC and ALT bits).

Version 1.2.8 (Fri, 29 Jun 2001)

Added Italian and Spanish translations.

[Sourceforge feature request #416337] - Modified the ALT tag code such that HTML entities within <comment> blocks should be OK now even if hover-over comments are being used in thumbnail views.

Added Slovak and Dutch translations.

[Sourceforge feature request #414831] - Added $viewCamInfo to mig.cfg.default. If set to TRUE and an exif.inf is present in a given gallery folder, it will be read to try to extract camera model, and frame exposure information for display on the page.

[Sourceforge feature request #424166] - Added $viewFolderCount to mig.cfg.default. If set to TRUE, the number of images in a given folder will be displayed next to the folder's name in parentheses, in a folder list view.

[Sourceforge feature request #414827] - Added FolderIcon entity to mig.cf parser. Lets you define something other than folder.gif as the icon for a folder. You can define each folder with any icon you want. Default is still folder.gif.

[Sourceforge feature request #414827] - Added FolderTemplate entity to mig.cf parser. This allows for a template file to be defined within the folder itself, specific to that folder. Or you can define a full path if you wanted.

[Sourceforge feature request #414827] - Added PageTitle entity to mig.cf parser. Allows for a per-folder pageTitle to be set.

[Sourceforge feature request #414827] - Added MaxFolderColumns and MaxThumbColumns entities to mig.cf parser. This permits custom column settings per folder.

Version 1.2.7p1 (Sun, 15 Apr 2001)

Fixed bug from 1.2.7 which caused images to show up as folders when both folders and images were present.

Version 1.2.7 (Sat, 14 Apr 2001)

Added Danish translation.

Modified template parser so that you can use #include to include PHP files (files with extensions .php or .php3).

Added docs/FTPinstall.txt for people who have only FTP access to their server and no shell access (i.e. they can't run install.sh).

Streamlined code where possible.

Got rid of repeated parses of mig.cf in subroutines and created parseMigCf() to just do it once to save time and effort on file I/O.

Version 1.2.4 (Mon, 09 Apr 2001)

Added Swedish translation.

Removed all calls to die() since they seemed to not work in all versions of PHP.

Version 1.2.3 (Mon, 09 Apr 2001)

Removed install.bat, rewrote docs/Windows.txt to match.

Rewrote install.sh for new directory layout (which was a side-effect of making Windows installs easier).

Adjusted all server variables so that things should work whether register_globals or track_vars are in use (or both).

Found a hard-coded directory in printTemplate() - corrected.

Version 1.2.2 (Sun, 08 Apr 2001)

Added language definition for Turkish.

Changed all occurrences of $language to $mig_language because of a suspected conflict with a variable name in PHP-Nuke.

Version 1.2.1 (Fri, 06 Apr 2001)

Fixed a bug where folks with track_vars = Off would break.

Added translations for Russian Windows-1251 and Russian KOI8-R.

Version 1.2 (Fri, 06 Apr 2001)

Added $suppressAltTags to mig.cfg - when set to TRUE, ALT tags are not added in thumbnail lists.

Added $useVirtual in mig.cfg - when set to FALSE, virtual() is not tried. This is for people who for some reason don't have virtual() support in their PHP installation.

Fixed printTemplate() so it only fetches the image size if there's an image to fetch the size for. This had been causing a problem under some conditions.

Added multi-language support (so far English and French translations). See the $language variable in mig.cfg.default.

Added $sortType to mig.cfg.default.

Fixed bug that caused trouble with folks not using register_globals.

Added translations for German, Norwegian, Portugese, Finnish, Romanian.

Version 1.1 (Thu, 28 Dec 2000)

Added docs/Apache.txt with useful tips and tricks for Apache users.

Added support for password-protected folders. See docs/Passwords.txt.

Added support for thumbnail subdirectories. See docs/Install.txt, docs/Utilities.txt, and mig.cfg.default.

Added code to accomodate sites using magic_quotes_gpc.

Fixed bug with PATH_INFO jump tags.

Added $noThumbs boolean to mig.cfg.default. See docs/Install.txt.

Added $thumbExt to mig.cfg.default. See docs/Install.txt.

Fixed bug in parseMyConfig() in mkGallery which caused a bad data set to be returned if the config file couldn't be read.

Rewrote mkGallery to accomodate $thumbExt.

Upgraded the bundled jhead distribution to 1.0. Updated install.sh and mkGallery to accomodate. No action on the part of users should be needed since the command-line syntax and output format of jhead is the same.

(Duh!) Added Matthias Wendel (author of jhead) to docs/Credits.txt.

Turned magic_quotes_runtime off by default - we don't do anything in a write mode and I don't see any advantage or safety offered by magic_quotes for this application.

Using $HTTP_GET_VARS array now for people using register_globals = Off.

Will start distributing .ZIP and .tar.gz formats from now on.

Added $maxThumbColumns and $maxFolderColumns to mig.cfg.default. $maxColumns, if present, will be used as the default value of $maxThumbColumns. This lets people use something other than a single column for folder listings.

Version 1.0 (Wed, 06 Dec 2000)

You can now type "quit" at any prompt during install.sh to abort.

install.sh and PHP code revamped and retested for PHP-Nuke compatible mode. Now the Mig install (except for mig.php and mig.cfg) are sandboxed into the mig subdirectory rather than being right in the base PHP-Nuke directory.

Changed mig.cfg.default to use TRUE & FALSE rather than 1 and 0 for boolean options.

Added $suppressImageInfo to mig.cfg.default - boolean option which controls whether to suppress the information printed below thumbnail images on thumbnail view pages.

Version 0.99 (Thu, 16 Nov 2000)

Not an enhancement, but I finally got around to trying out symlinks. Put a bit about this in docs/Install.txt.

Added a new file docs/Credits.txt where I will credit folks who have contributed bits of code, found bugs, etc.

Added PHP-Nuke compatibility mode (see docs/phpNuke.txt). Only of interest to folks using, or interested in using, PHP-Nuke.

Updated install.sh for phpNuke mode, and tried to make it a little smarter about some things.

Removed convert-metafiles from the main distribution and make it a contrib script instead. mf_conv.pl, too.

Added the PATH_INFO method for Jump URLs. See docs/Jump.txt.

Added -n and -r switches to mkGallery. See docs/Utilities.txt.

Revamped #include for Apache users so it can execute CGI's too. See docs/Templates.txt.

Fixed buildNextPrevLinks() to use an array as its return value instead of the (uglier) string concatenation method.

Version 0.98 (Sun, 05 Nov 2000)

Added jump URL tags. See docs/Jump.txt for more information.

Version 0.97 (Sat, 04 Nov 2000)

Fixed table formatting problem in imageFrame() which caused an extra cell to be printed which was visible as a small line in IE browsers.

Version 0.96 (Thu, 02 Nov 2000)

Updated docs/Install.txt with notes about file permissions.

Fixed bug in buildNextPrevLinks() - it was ignoring <Sort> lists.

Happy birthday, Katie!

Version 0.95 (Tue, 31 Oct 2000)

Ran the example gallery through a mogrify -quality 40 to reduce the size of the download tarball. Went from just over 600KB to about 340KB. Amazingly, I can't even tell the difference viewing the images.

Removed a hard-coded value from buildImageURL() which broke things for folks who had changed the value of $albumDir.

Made the terms of the licensing clearer according to the FSF GNU guidelines at https://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html.

Did a code review looking for potential problems, made minor adjustments.

Added interactive (-i) mode to util/mkGallery. See docs/Utilities.txt.

Happy Halloween!

Version 0.94 (Sat, 28 Oct 2000)

mkGallery will now sort items before handling them, so output files like the comment file will have items alphabetically (for simplicity).

Fixed bug in buildDirList() that didn't do the rendering of spaces and underscores correctly (they should be rendered as &nbsp;).

Fixed bug in buildDirList() which caused cascading links in the output HTML. This was not very noticeable until one had a large list of folders (where large is just a few tens of directories). A string was not being properly reset at the beginning of each loop iteration.

Version 0.93 (Tue, 17 Oct 2000)

Added a question to install.sh which asks the user if they are upgrading from 0.83 or earlier (so not everyone for the rest of time has to run convert-metafiles anytime they upgrade).

install.sh will no longer try to guess what directory to install into.

Discovered that when moving from one page to the next, the text-decoration CSS property for anchors (<A> elements) was not reset. So if you set text-decoration=none it would memorize that and not go back to using underlines. So I defined A:* as having text-decoration=underline in templates/style.css (which is what you'd expect to see becaues most browsers underline links by default).

Changed link on image view pages that goes back to read "back to thumbnail view". Previously it read "back to folder view" but it has been pointed out to me that the wording was confusing.

Discovered the amazing function GetImageSize(). Now all thumbnail views will use width= height= for the thumbnails (this helps speed up the browser's rendering of tables), and thumbnail views now show the image size in both pixels and bytes. Single image views will use width= height= as well, to help the browser in its rendering task.

Added new tag %%imageSize%% to the image.html template.

Switched from using $SCRIPT_NAME to using $PHP_SELF. This basically means Mig should work for people using PHP's CGI mode now.

Implemented <Sort> element in mig.cf - see docs/mig_cf.txt.

Version 0.92 (Mon, 02 Oct 2000)

Plugged a security hole ($currDir wasn't being checked for '..') which let viewers see the entire directory stucture of a system. Anyone using anything prior to 0.92 should upgrade immediately!

Version 0.91 (Sat, 30 Sep 2000)

Fixed a bug in mf_conv.pl which caused the comment conversion process to cascade itself... it stored a list of images and comments in memory, but when it entered a new directory it was not cleaning that out, so every mig.cf had comments for all the files in all the directories it had seen before. Not particularly dangerous but it litters your mig.cf files badly. This is only a problem for folks who upgraded from a release of Mig version 0.83 or earlier to Mig 0.90.

Version 0.90 (Sat, 30 Sep 2000)

Created install.sh to act as an installer script. Reorganized the directory structure somewhat while doing this.

Updated all documentation.

Added the #include directive to the template processor. See the file docs/Templates.txt for information.

Added Windows doc docs/Windows.txt for Windows users. Working on .EXE automatic-style installation program.

Changed name of EXIF header cache file to exif.inf.

Because install.sh checks for existing template files and tries to figure out the proper thing to do (asking for input if needed), hopefully the risk of the installation process blowing away customized templates has been eliminated (or at least reduced greatly). Well, unless you happen to use Windows, where I have less versatility with installation processes. See docs/Windows.txt for notes on that topic.

Devised Apache-like format for meta file mig.cf which will hold comments, hidden file lists, etc. This will replace .comments.txt, .hidden.txt, etc. EXIF header info will still live in exif.inf (formerly known as .exif_comments.txt). Documentation is in docs/mig_cf.txt.

Updated all files to reflect new domain "tangledhelix.com".

Converted all colorization to use CSS stylesheets. However, Netscape doesn't behave regarding the BODY element and CSS, based on my tests. So there's a default color set in the BODY tag in the HTML templates. See the file docs/Templates.txt for more information.

Added tag %%distURL%% for templates. Removed "MigE,<quot> from <TITLE> in the default templates.

Added script convert-metafiles to convert metafiles to new format. It calls a Perl child process, mf_conv.pl.

Installer tries to find Perl and if so, sets the #! line for Perl-based utility scripts. This is because folks have Perl installed in places that are hard to predict but which are probably in their $PATH.

Added <Bulletin> feature to mig.cf. See docs/mig_cf.txt for info.

"_" (underscore) is now rendered as a space character in the YouAreHere line as well as in the folder-list boxes.

Got <Comment> working, got EXIF parsing working.

Now in folder / thumbnail views, image comments are loaded as ALT tags, so they will pop-up as text when you hover over a link.

Fixed bug which caused images with spaces in their filename to be handled improperly.

Added $markerType and $markerText to mig.cfg.default. Added -m and -M flags to mkGallery. These were added to support customizable thumbnail naming conventions. You can now decide what thumbnail marker name to use (previously was forced to be "th". Also now you can declare it to be a prefix (as in "th_filename.JPG") or a suffix (as in "filename_th.JPG"). Default will be as previous, suffix mode using "th" for filename_th.JPG. See docs/Utilities.txt and docs/Install.txt and mig.cfg.default for more information.

Updated mkGallery to read $markerType and $markerLabel from mig.cfg, so you don't have to worry about the -M and -m flags as long as your mig.cfg has the right options set.

Changed slashFixedURLencode() to migURLencode().

Fixed bug in migURLencode() where it would re-encode something which was already encoded resulting in a comma becoming %252C instead of say, %2C. It now runs input through rawurldecode() prior to doing a rawurlencode() on it.

Added -c option to mkGallery - this will populate the mig.cf file with blank <Comment> elements. It was adapted from mkComments, which was contributed by André Fadel (fadel at fee.unicamp.br). See docs/Utilities.txt for information.

Fixed bug in getExifDescription() which was returning incorrect values.

Found bug in the convert-metafiles script which caused directories with spaces in the filename to wig the script out. Fixed.

Fixed bug in regex used to find comment lines in getExifDescription() which would cause extremely long execution times when dealing with large exif.inf files.

Fixed bug which caused improper display of filesizes in thumbnail views.

Version 0.83 (Thu, 24 Aug 2000)

Images and folders are now sorted alphabetically, to make the sorting consistent, if not (yet) completely customizable.

Version 0.82 (Thu, 24 Aug 2000)

Fixed bug in mkGallery that caused problems parsing filenames with embedded spaces.

Version 0.81 (Sat, 12 Aug 2000)

Changed the behavior of buildYouAreHere() so the browser can't click on the current item - that is, the current folder or the current image. It just seemed silly to recreate the browser's reload button.

Version 0.80 (Sat, 12 Aug 2000)

The pieces of the "you are here" headline are now clickable for simpler navigation between levels.

Changed the style sheet so the links are underlined again. People aren't used to having it any other way, it was causing confusion.

Got newCurrDir out of the URI string which makes the URL about 50% as long as before. This entailed adding getNewCurrDir() calls.

Version 0.77 (Sat, 12 Aug 2000)

Added style sheet support. See the file templates/style.css.

Version 0.76 (Fri, 11 Aug 2000)

Rearranged the layout in image.html to make it friendlier for small screens.

Version 0.75 (Tue, 08 Aug 2000)

Fixed overpadded image tables.

Version 0.74 (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

Cleaned up the HTML layout (mostly shuffling, adding, deleting <BR>).

Version 0.73 (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

Added a "now viewing #x of y" in image views, so the browser can easily tell how many images are left in either direction without returning to the thumbnail view.

Version 0.72 (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

Using colored table cells for comments now. Embedded comments are seperated from file-based comments with an <HR> element.

Version 0.71 (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

Descriptions are centered now.

Version 0.70 (Mon, 07 Aug 2000)

Bundled jhead from Matthias Wandel in order to parse EXIF headers. jhead will be a child process of mkGallery when invoked with -e.

Updated mkGallery with new options and code to handle parsing of EXIF headers using the jhead program. See the -e and -w options. Also added a -t option to specify if you should make thumbnails or not (since that's not the only action possible anymore).

Added function getExifDescription() which parses the .exif_comments.txt files for embedded comments and displays them in image views.

Version 0.61 (Sun, 06 Aug 2000)

Added "you are here" line, but it's not clickable yet.

Version 0.60 (Sun, 06 Aug 2000)

Added "hidden" feature. Anything put into .hidden.txt in a directory will cause the listed items (one per line) to be rendered invisible. This is, of course, optional.

Cleaned up places where eregi() or eregi_replace() were used when the proper call was ereg() or ereg_replace().

Added "comment" feature. Comments are stored in .comments.txt. See INSTALL for more information.

Version 0.51 (Sun, 06 Aug 2000)

Added $homeLink and $homeLabel to config, to print a "back to {home}" link at the "root" folder level.

Version 0.50 (Sat, 05 Aug 2000)

Set default colors so if $imageBGcolor and/or $folderBGcolor are missing in the config, it won't default to black.

Set default $maxColumns in case that is omitted from config file.

Set default $title in case that is omitted from config file.

Set default $maintAddr in case that is omitted from config file.

Got next/previous links working in image views.

Removed "back" link from "main" or "root" of album.

Version 0.41 (Fri, 04 Aug 2000)

Fixed font size bug with back link on "main" page.

Version 0.40 (Fri, 04 Aug 2000)

Rewrote mkGallery with use strict and -w.

Symlinked index.php3 to index.php for simplicity.

Replaced "<<" in buildBackLink() with &lt;&lt; and cleaned up other such bits throughout the code.

Replaced most spaces in templates & PHP with &nbsp; due to odd formatting problems with MSIE.

Wrote table generation code into PHP and took it out of the template files due to MSIE's stupid insistence on displaying empty tables with a tiny colored square.

Cleaned up (simplified) templates a little.

Added variables $imageBGcolor and $folderBGcolor, which are background colors for the table backgrounds for the image and folder tables, respectively. They can be found in mig.cfg.default.

Documented templates in templates/README.templates.

Version 0.36 (Tue, 01 Aug 2000)

Got rid of $phpExt - include files aren't seen by the web server anyway, so the extension wasn't relevant.

Version 0.35 (Tue, 01 Aug 2000)

Reworked page formatting. Now if there are no folders and no images present, the browser gets "No contents". If no folders, the folder table isn't printed. If no images, the images table isn't printed. If there are both, you see both tables. The result is less confusing.

If mig.cfg is missing, mig.cfg.default will be read instead, to avoid any errors popping up.

Version 0.34 (Mon, 31 Jul 2000)

Added a second back link to each page since pages can grow long enough that having one at the top and one at the bottom is desirable.

Version 0.33 (Mon, 31 Jul 2000)

Added filesize to the thumbnails page.

Version 0.32 (Mon, 31 Jul 2000)

Fixed a stupid bug ($maxColumns was being ignored). Table layouts on thumbnail pages should work now.

Version 0.31 (Mon, 31 Jul 2000)

If a thumbnail is missing, a generic image will be used in its place.

Version 0.3 (Mon, 31 Jul 2000)

The "back" link is now grayed out when at the "main" page.

Fixed bug in mkGallery that would cause it to create thumbnails of already-existing thumbnail images.

Viewing a folder will now show the thumbnail images correctly.

Added template image.html to view individual images.

Removed the "you are at" headline, the help function, and the "exit" button. The latter two were never too useful, and the former is a real pain to get working. I'll save it for some future release.

Added $phpExt variable for PHP3 users who might need filenames with .php3 extensions instead of .php.

Added $pageTitle to insert into the <TITLE> element of each template.

Removed *currLocation routines.

Started using mig.cfg.default for dist bundles to avoid over-writing old config files.

Fixed a bug which caused image view "back" links to go not to the previous page, but literally to "../".

Fixed URL pointer in the HTML templates to reflect correct Mig distribution URL.

Version 0.2 (Sun, 30 Jul 2000)

The mkGallery utility script is complete. Requires Perl and ImageMagick. No other significant changes in 0.2.

Version 0.1 (Fri, 28 Jul 2000)

Got "any directory anywhere" directory browsing working correctly. An album can have any number of directories and subdirectories now. This is much better than the old 2-level directory model.

Changed direction on the topic of thumbnail generation. It's better to pre-generate them instead of having the PHP code do it on the fly. Having the script get reliable write access to the filesystem proved to be a bit more sloppy than I originally thought.

The old method of using numeric filenames is gone now (thank god).

Support for JPEG/GIF/PNG formats should be good enough. Old model of supporting only one file type sucked.

Nailed down an HTML layout finally, simpler than others I have seen, more attractive than the previous ones used in album.php3.

Got HTML templates working.

Added a help link, back link, and a mailto: link to each page. Each page also has a link back to the distribution URL.

Got the "you are here" path to display, but no links yet.

Got rid of the old problem from album.php3 where the path had to be statically set in the code ahead of time (and the fact that tilde-URLs like /~dan/ didn't work). This time around the script figures out where it is in the filesystem and bases everything else on that path.

Added the "exit" link to take browser to an outside URL.